Why fees are necessary?

The Department of Education and Training (DET) provides per capita funding as a contribution towards the cost of providing the Kindergarten (4yo) Program. Fees are necessary because there is a shortfall between the level of government funding and the cost of operating a viable preschool.

DET does not currently provide funding for Pre-Kinder (3yo) programs.  The Pre-School is responsible for all costs, hence it is fully funded by the fees paid by parents/guardians.  Whilst the Victorian Government has announced subsidised funding for Pre-Kinder (3yo) programs, it is not available in our local government area until the 2022 calendar year.

Pre-School services rely on prompt payment of fees and all parents/guardians must pay fees.  The Committee of Management has the discretion to withdraw service for non-payment of fees.

    Fee Subsidy for Eligible Families

A State Government fee subsidy (fee reduction) for eligible families is available for the Kindergarten (4yo) Program only.  To be eligible a parent/guardian or child must hold a current Health Care Card / Pensioner Concession Card / Visa 866/785.  The concession card must be sighted and copied by the Fees Officer prior to the start of each term.  Note: If you pay the full year fees and your concession is not applicable in the 2nd, 3rd or 4th term, an invoice will be issued for the difference between what you have already paid and the full fees.

    Multiple Children Enrolment

There is no discount for families with multiple births/siblings.

Please Note: 

The Government has now announced that 4yo Kinder Term Fees are FREE in 2021.

We have been advised that there will be a subsidy for 3yo Pre Kinder - we are awaiting confirmation of the amount.

The 2021 Fee Schedule is as follows:

Non-Refundable Enrolment Application Registration fee effective 1 July 2020 $25
Non-Refundable Parent Contribution Levy
- Paid annually and secures your child's placement.  It is used to partly fund maintenance, gardening, excursions/incursions and special days such as Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas/End of Year Celebrations. Please note that it DOES NOT include the cost of buses (used for excursions). The Pre-School will endeavour to subsidise where possible the cost of the buses. Costs associated with buses are not known until quotes/invoices are received at the time of booking.
 3yo $120

4yo $140
Term Fees for Kindergarten (4yo) 15 hour Program*
- Due each term and payable in the term prior. (Note that this is partly funded by DET)
Term Fees for Pre-Kinder (3yo) 5 hour Program*
- Due each term and payable in the term prior. (Note this program is not funded by DET)
Late Fee Payment Fee
- If Term Fees are not paid by the due date then this fee is charged to cover additional administrative costs associated with non-payment.

 *The Pre-School must receive the first instalment of fees before the child can commence.

Fees are not refundable, except for families who have paid for the full year but leave the Pre-School and notify the Committee of Management in writing prior to the term/s commencing. These families will be able to receive a pro-rata reimbursement of any fees paid in advance for the term/s.  The Committee may consider a partial refund in other limited circumstances.

There will be no refund of fees if the program is unable to operate, when the current qualified staff member is absent and the Committee cannot obtain a qualified reliever.

Fees set for the calendar year will only be reviewed in extraordinary circumstances, for example a major change in operational circumstances.  Parents/Guardians will be notified in advance of any fee increases.


Short Sleeve Polo


Long Sleeve Polo




Bomber Jacket


Sun Hat (to be worn Term 1 and Term 4)

$  8.00

    Methods of Fee Payment

The following payment options are available:

  • Direct deposit into our bank account, making a note of your child’s id number (or their name).

Lara Lake Community Preschool, BSB 063 523 Account Number 1007 1305

  • Cheque or money order via our postal address and made payable to Lara Lake Community Pre-School.
  • Cash payments can be made at the Commonwealth Bank, making a note of your child’s id number (or their name).

If you are experiencing financial hardship, please contact the Pre-School to discuss a payment plan.

    Unpaid Fees

Fees not paid by the due date will be followed up by:
  • An initial letter of warning stating fees are overdue.  Families will be charged a $20 Late Payment Fee and given 5 working days for payment.
  • If payment is not received, or an agreed payment plan has not been drawn up, the family will be contacted by telephone to discuss a payment plan.
  • Continued non-payment will result in a final letter notifying families that unless payment is made within 5 working days, or a payment plan entered into, the child’s place at the Pre-School may be cancelled.
  • Children may not start a term without fees being paid in advance.

The Committee of Management reserves the right to take action to recover debts.

    Child Absence

Fees are still required to maintain a Pre-School place even if the child is absent for any reason, including holidays and illness.

    Late Enrolments

If a child is enrolled after the start of the Pre-School year, the Committee of Management must receive the first instalment of fees before the child can commence.