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Here's what some of our families say...

“Our son has loved being part of Lara Lake Community Pre school for the past  two years. The staff are hard working, compassionate and nurturing which is the perfect recipe for a pre school environment. The outdoor play space is absolutely amazing and offers so much variety in outdoor play.  The classrooms are bursting with colours and creativity. The programs that have been offered throughout the year are well thought out and really aid in the children's learning. My son has been fortunate enough to be part of the Bush Kinder trial with the pre school. Throughout this trial, he has really built on his resilience and love for nature whether it be a beautiful sunny day or a rainy "jump in puddles" type day. Overall my family is so happy to be part of Lara Lake Pre School's Community and I look forward to our youngest starting in 2018.”

“When we enrolled our daughter at the service it was with much trepidation. We found that these fears were quickly eased by all. From the admin teams her teacher we felt listened to and the community feel put us at ease. The center was always welcoming and we loved our time with them.” 

“My little girl was born in February and rather than automatically send her "early", we decided to send her to kindergarten and school when she was ready.  At the time this was a tough decision, probably due to the fact that people say “you’re holding her back”.  Even well-meaning people use this terribly negative term.  But the support and guidance of the kinder teachers was amazing and their advice spot on.  My daughter thrived at 4 year old kinder, loving every moment.  Now at school she is confident, resilient and eager to learn” - Grateful Mum

We have only been at Lara Lake Preschool this year (9 months) and couldn't be any happier! Our son LOVES kinder and asks for it everyday! The staff are so caring and thoughtful, the programmes are amazing, the facilities are excellent and the 'sense' of community is so strong. We feel so lucky to be part of this exceptional kinder. Simon and Jenice Basselot-Hall

Lara Lake Community Pre-School is that idealistic learning environment that you hope for.  Our daughter openly shouts “Yay, I want to go to pre-school!” every week and we all know that you cannot ‘make’ a young child that excited, so it must be truly awe-inspiring. It isn’t just the facilities and the opportunities it is the genuine passion and dedication of staff and the committee who make the culture a thriving place for children to learn and be enthused.  The focus isn’t on profits, saving money and cutting corners rather, they actively look for opportunities and utilise every resource available to the advantage of the children & parents. I strongly recommend Lara Lake Community Pre-School as a fantastic place to invest the development of your child’s foundational years of education.LeLievre Family.

"My son Flynn had a wonderful year in Red Group! Deb, Estelle and Brooke were fantastic! I felt like they always went above and beyond to make kinder a fun and special place for the kids. Just a couple of examples, I love that Deb organized a walk to the lake to deliver a lost frog and setup a morning of water play outside when the weather heated up, both these days Flynn still talks about. The bush kinder program was fantastic! I was so impressed how prepared the kids were before we even arrived at the You Yangs for their first session. I was often told by Flynn how important it was to not go past the flags and to come back to the mat as soon as they heard the whistle. My favourite session up there would have to be when we got to meet Clancy the koala and hear all about her and her friends. Flynn still looks for her whenever we have returned to the You Yangs. Other events we really appreciated were the Mothers/Fathers Day and kinder concert. It was obvious how much thought and work went into making these days extra special, the little preformances were always gorgeous and the bag of craft and goodies the kids had made are just adorable, I will always cherish them! So thank you everyone involved that made for an amazing final year at kinder for my son, all 3 of my children have attended Lara Lake Preschool and they have all had wonderful experiences there. You are all doing a fabulous job!" - Jo Campbell

"As a new family to Lara Lake Community Preschool in 2018, we were welcomed with open arms and friendly faces to 4yo Red Group. Our son has never looked up to or spoken so highly of anyone more than Debsy Websy, Estee Pesty and Cupcake. He came home from kinder with a smile every session and was always eager to tell me about his day! We watched with amazement and pride at how much his confidence, self-esteem and independence grew under the guidance of these 3 wonderful teachers. As a parent, I couldn't be more grateful that my son was in the hands of such nurturing, encouraging and supportive educators who would help him shine in preparation for the years ahead. We look forward with excitement to the next 5 years at LLCP with Emmett's younger brothers. Thank you for bringing so much happiness to Emmett throughout his kinder journey- Hayley and Clay Dickins"

Here's what our industry says...


We have been assessed and rated by the Department of Education & Training (DET) under the National Quality Framework and in accordance with the Education and Care Services National Law Act 2010 as “EXCEEDING NQS” in all areas (National Quality Standards).

Well done to our fantastic staff on this great achievement!