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Philosophy, Aim and Values

Our Philosophy

At Lara Lake Community Pre-School, we acknowledge that our preschool is on the traditional lands of the Wadawurrung people.  We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging. 

We are committed to creating and maintaining a positive, respectful and child safe environment, we are guided by the National Quality Framework and constantly seek to update our Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) through collaboration and consultation within the service and embed the Early Childhood Australia’s Code of Ethics within our practice. We review and reflect on our service policies on an ongoing basis. At Lara Lake Community Pre-School we are an independent, community based, not for profit association. Our governance structure comprises of a dedicated Committee of Management team, made up of parent volunteers.

At Lara Lake Community Pre-School, we seek to achieve a balance of child-initiated exploration and intentional teaching within our play-based programs, seizing the spontaneous opportunities for learning. We aim to encourage children to reach their full potential and enrich children’s understanding, self-achievements and cultural identities achieving a sense of ‘Being, Belonging and Becoming’. We work collaboratively to promote inclusive practices, supporting children and families whilst celebrating and respecting diversities.

Through play children can explore, discover and make sense of their world. They develop their physical, intellectual and emotional skills, build resilience, school readiness skills and confidence within a social environment. They develop compassion and empathy towards others and create knowledgeable skills through complex understandings, promoting adaptability and creativity. Through observation we ensure the child’s voice is evident within our programs.

Lara Lake Community Pre-School value outdoor learning where children are appropriately challenged and encouraged to take risks in their play. Play assists in promoting a sense of agency and independence, develops a better understanding of nature and their worlds, and encourages children to be in control of their own learning. We value the world we live in and understand the significance of teaching our children the importance of caring for our environments through sustainable practices. 

We believe and encourage the importance of nurturing established relationships within the community and its organisations. We plan regular walks within our community visiting various locations, which offer both an opportunity for the children to become familiar with the area and also helps to embed road safety practices. Providing children with these opportunities enables them to share their knowledge and understandings of their community whilst reinforcing important lifelong road safety skills.

We strongly encourage our families to engage in meaningful participation within the program as we believe learning is an on-going cycle that requires input from families so outcomes can be achieved. We believe that all children, families and staff should be treated equally with fairness, equality, respect, understanding and acceptance. We provide an anti-bias program encouraging children’s awareness of similarities between people, teaching them respect for individuals regardless of gender, religion, culture and race.

Family involvement and contributions are welcomed and we strongly believe that the kindergarten experience should be fun and happy for all involved.

Our Aim

At Lara Lake Community Pre-School, we aim to provide a quality program and experience where children’s learning is inclusive, dynamic, complex and holistic, enriching the lives and identities of children and our families.

Our Values

 Respectful – Being respectful is about honesty and transparency. We believe in working together cohesively, where we are able to express ourselves in a respectful way and be considerate of everyone’s views.
□ Belonging - We are one Pre-school and united in our approach.  We want our leaders and staff to feel part of one team and support and welcome each other in unity.
 Wellbeing - Is the experience of health, happiness and prosperity. We believe in achieving good mental and physical health and providing a good sense of meaning or purpose with all that we do.
□ Community – We are passionate about our community and are committed to delivering exceptional education to our children. Through collaboration between staff and families we work as ‘one’ united team, motivating one another in our community both in the preschool and on outings.