Communication With You

There a number of ways communication between families and staff can occur. Everyday there are opportunities for a brief discussion with the staff.  These are good times to relate special events in the life of your family eg. birthdays, holidays, new babies, pets, special visitors, outings etc. If you think you might need to talk longer, you can arrange a time to chat personally with the staff, or please contact us via phone or email. Contact Us

Noticeboards are located throughout the Pre-School with kinder and community information on them.  Please take the time to check them regularly.

Communication Pockets are located in the foyer.  Every child has a pocket in which notes, newsletters, reminders, accounts etc. are put in as the need arises.  Please remember to check your child's pocket each day your child attends.

Photo displays are a great way to facilitate conversation with your child about their time at Pre-School.  With your permission, each day our staff may take photographs of what is happening at Pre-School to display in the foyer and use in the children's portfolios.  Group activity displays in the foyer provide communication to parents about group activities.  The digital photo frame in the foyer often runs a slideshow showing recent special activities.

Children's Portfolios are confidential records and include observations, photos and documentation about your child's progress and kinder experiences. Your child's portfolio is available for you to read at any time.  When your child leaves our Pre-School you get to keep your child's portfolio.

Our Website has a calendar of events where you can see the events currently happening and what is coming up, and scheduled throughout the year.

Parent/Teacher Information Sessions are conducted mid year in June for all 4 year old programs

Program Plans are posted in the foyer for each group in session across the service. The Program offers our families the opportunity to be informed of what the educational outcomes are, what is currently occurring in the classroom and how it continues to evolve. We welcome parent input into our program. Please feel free to add comments