Drop Off & Pick Up

and Sign-Out

For your child’s safety, the Pre-School must receive your child from you and deliver them back to you at the end of the session.  To assist this procedure, you need to complete the attendance book at the beginning and end of each session.  When writing who will be picking up your child please put the person's name, not mum, dad, etc.

Please make friends and relatives, who may be collecting your child from kinder, aware of this process.  If another person is to collect your child from kinder, they MUST be nominated on your child’s enrolment form.  Please update this form during the year if necessary.

Note: The minimum age requirement to sign out children is 18 years.


From time to time it may be necessary for staff to administer medication whilst your child is at kinder.  If this is necessary, you will need to complete a medication form and hand medication to staff for safe-keeping.

For children with serious medical conditions, such as anaphylaxis and asthma, we prefer their medication to remain onsite.  To ensure the safety and wellbeing of children, specific procedures relating to the nature of the medical condition and any medications, will be discussed in person with the child's parent/carer.


Off-street parking is available at the front of the Pre-School for drop off and collection of children. For the safety of all, ensure you drive safely and slowly in the car park and before exit ensure your children are wearing seatbelts. Never leave children in cars unattended.

Safety Gate and Walking Paths

To ensure the safety of all children please keep the front building gate closed at all times and only let your children out of the building. Please use the designated walking paths through the carpark, rather than walking where the cars are driving/parking.

Bicycles and Scooters

Bicycles and scooters are to be parked in the designated bike rack area.  Please supply your own lock.  Helmets may be stored in the child's bag/locker during kinder sessions.