Health & Absence


If your child is sick, they should stay at home until they are better.  Children often appear to be well at the start of the day and become ill quite quickly as the day progresses.  Please keep this in mind when your child has been unwell.  Also, please inform staff if your child has been unwell, as we will keep an eye on them, and respond to any symptoms of illness.

If an infectious disease occurs in the family which affects your Pre-School child, please notify the staff.  If you are unsure whether your child should remain at home after being in contact with an infectious disease, please consult the infectious disease document on the notice board in the foyer or contact the kinder staff.  If your child will be away from Pre-School for an extended period of time, please let staff know.

If it is necessary for your child to use prescribed medication at Pre-School please notify staff and complete the medication book with details of administration procedures.

Please click here to download the Minimum Period of Exclusion from Primary Schools and Children’s Services Centres for Infectious Diseases Cases and Contacts fact sheet.
For further information about exclusions mentioned in this document, please contact the Department of Health’s Communicable Disease Prevention and Control Section on 1300 651 160 or visit

Please click here to download the Staying Healthy, Preventing infectious diseases in early childhood education and care services document. Part 5 Fact Sheets can be a great source of information.

First Aid

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all children, educators, staff and others attending the service.  To ensure this: 

  • All permanent staff educators maintain current approved first aid qualifications, including CPR and administration of auto-injector medication.
  • First Aid kits are stocked and maintained in each kinder room and the main office.

  • Portable back-pack style first aid kits are also allocated to each room and travel with groups when on excursion.  Busk Kinder also has its own portable first aid kit.

  • Children with prescribed auto-injector medication, such as EpiPen or Anapens that remain at kinder, are stored in "door-hanger pockets" in a centrally accessible location and are readily identifiable.  For excursions, each groups "door-hanger" pocket is easily rolled up and transported with first aid kit back-packs.

If you have any questions regarding the administration of First Aid, we would be happy to discuss your particular concerns or consider any suggestions you may have.

Going to be Away?

If your child is going to be away please let us know on the day, or in advance if you know beforehand.