Lunch & Snacks

Children are required to bring their own snack and/or lunch in a clearly labelled lunch box or a named bag.  Snacks and lunches can be stored in a refrigerator until they are to be consumed.

We require you to provide your child with healthy foods to correspond with our healthy eating policy i.e., fruit, salad, vegetables, sandwiches, dry crackers or yoghurt.  Foods not meeting our healthy food policy are not permitted and will be sent home.

Sweets, cakes, biscuits etc., are 'sometimes foods' and not encouraged.

Water is available to children throughout the session.  Please pack a drink bottle of water for your child to enjoy with their snack and/or lunch.  No milk or sweet drinks, such as cordial, are permitted.

Food Allergies

Each year we have children enrol at Pre-School that have allergies to certain food products.  Children do not share snacks and/or lunches.

We are a NUT FREE Kinder.  Therefore, nuts and food items containing nuts such as peanut butter, Nutella and those likely to contain nuts are not permitted due to potentially severe allergic reactions in some children.

Birthdays and Special Celebrations

Birthdays and special celebrations are happily acknowledged at Lara Lake Community Pre-School and families are welcome to bring treats to kinder.  Due to the health regulations, we recommend pre-packaged goods, individually wrapped sweets.  Alternatively you may like to consider non-food based treats.  Please check with staff if you are unsure.

Kids "Go For Life" initiative

It is important children learn to develop healthy eating and physical activity routines.  At Lara Lake Community Pre-School we are part of Kids - 'Go for your life' which supports children's settings to promote healthy lifestyles.  The program is based on six key messages that make healthy eating and physical activity fun and engaging learning experience:

  • Tap into water everyday
  • Plant fruit & veg in your lunchbox
  • Limit "sometimes" foods
  • Move, play and go
  • Turn off and switch to play
  • Stride and ride