School Readiness

Starting school is another milestone in a child’s life. It can bring along many emotions for everyone involved. Is your child ready for school?

Ask yourself the 4 "S"

Self-regulation: Can you child regulate their thoughts, emotions and behaviours to have success in the classroom.

Social Skills: Social skills are very important as it gives a child confidence. Can your child ask another child to play? Can they introduce themselves to other children? Can they interact with a variety of children and accept others if they are different or have differences?

Self Help skills: When children go to school they are expected to look after a lot of items. Can they pack their bag? Close the bag? Manage the zipper? Can they use the toilet; wipe themselves after a bowel motion? Wash hands?

Self Esteem: Does your child feel good about themselves? Are you actively promoting self –esteem to your child in how they feel about themselves? Allowing them the opportunity to complete a task by themselves gives a child good self-esteem. Children who can better cope with frustrations and challenges are more likely to think of themselves as successful, valuable, and good, which will lead to a higher self-esteem.

The next important skills needed:

Confidence: Is your child confident inside and out in the classroom? Are they confident in themselves, their own ability and the situations they may face?

Resilience: We must help our children to become resilient. They need to be able to recover quickly from difficult situations and move on and continue with their day, without the situation affecting them the whole day. Everyone in life faces disappointment, it is important to teach your child how to get on with life and be resilient. Is your child starting to understand the values of being resilient?

Creative Arts: Let your child explore the creative arts, this helps a child to express themselves and process identity in their world. Dancing, singing, imagining, dressing up, drawing, painting, making, creating.

Concentration: Is your child able to concentrate? To encourage concentration, play games with your child, puzzles, board games, musical chairs in a fun interactive playful way.

Below are lists of websites you may find helpful:

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